Coffee Morning

Coffee Morning

Bump & Brew - Coffee Morning (8th Nov)
We invited a group Mums for a Coffee Morning with an aim to build "Mom Community". We partnered with an experienced midwife "Julie". She has over 18 years of maternity experience and she is UK Trained Midwife. Julie is a mum of 5 ❤️

A warm and inviting atmosphere, we spoke about joys of motherhood over a cup of coffee and light refreshments. Julie with her experience spoke about how to deal with the older children about the arrival of a new sibling, importance of involving them in this journey and making them feel included right from choosing a name for the new sibling :) Creating the bonding right from when the baby is in the womb is so crucial. Even when the new baby arrives, meeting the older brother / sister will create positive associations and will make them feel less insecure was something we never thought about. Thanks to Julie for making us realize the importance.

When it comes to seeking support, Julie mentioned to ask for support from friends and family without being shy and hesitant.
We touched many other topics like "Importance of sleep routine for a baby", "exclusive breastfeeding", "over clothing a baby" etc.
We concluded with the statement "Happy Mommy = Happy Baby"

Thank you Julie for all the tips you shared with the new moms :)

Mayura Luktuke spoke briefly and introduced all our brands to the new mums. Medela, Vital Baby, Comotomo, Inc. Melii Baby, BABYJEM, Avanchy

P.S: Happy mommies left with a goody bag with some of our top brands

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