We are very sure about protecting each of our customer’s privacy that registered/share with us. We are always here to help you with the information you shared with and how we use and share it. If you have any queries about the policy described below just contact us by email support@mummazone.com or call customer service.

How we use your details

We use your information only to process your order or to contact you. We never share your details with any other third party and only we share with our trusted partners. It is our responsibility to protect your details from unauthorized access by the third party.

The details collected by us do not include your credit card details.

What is the personal information required from the customer?

All our registered users are asked to provide their details as follows,

  • Full name:
  • Email address:
  • Contact Number:
  • Shipping address:
  • Gender/ date of birth/ children’s (if applicable)

Please note that any credit or debit card details collected from the customers never share with any third parties. These details even not available for our staff, even if want to access to it.

We might record all customer’s phone calls and save email contact for quality control and development of our service.


A small text file in that we store the identifiable visitors to our websites. The information’s get stored are IP Address, URL and the date and time of the visitors. It’s used to customize your internet speed and experiences most of the commercial websites use this. This will help you to get knowledge about an advertisement, offers and so on. And this allows you to save your passwords for next time to visit directly into the websites. Please be aware that our providers of advertising and content on our site may also use cookies to collect data about traffic flows themselves.

Changing personal information

If you change any personal Information like contact details and so on. We will use the newest information that you have provided to contact you. Because we make periodic backup information. To change your information drop a mail to support@mummazone.com


Every registered user accepting the privacy policy during the registration process. Kindly check the policies frequently because the privacy policy will get updated periodically and the users bound to the recent updated policy.

It is the responsibility of the customer to check the privacy policy frequently. And also confirm that you allow us to contact you through any of the contact details you provided with us, please.

Contact us

Address: Mummazone Medical Equipment and Trading L.L.C
Office-1, Schon Business Park, DIP-1
Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
P. O. Box 19008
Email: support@mummazone.com
Phone: +971-4-2984130
Fax: +971-4-2984140