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9 products

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    The Infrared Thermometer Eaglet provides fast and accurate body temperature measurements; you will receive precise readings irrespective of the surrounding temperatures in the environment. For parent’s...

    Agu - Infrared Thermometer-Green/White

    Regular price AED 85 24
    Sale price AED 85 24 Regular price AED 170.48
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    The smart infrared thermometer AGU makes temperature measuring and result recording very simple and accurate. Results are stored in a unique AGU App. The history records...

    Agu - Smart Infrared Thermometer-Green/White

    Regular price AED 185 00
    Sale price AED 185 00 Regular price AED 246.67
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    Baby scale

    Monitoring baby’s weight and development is one of the most important parents’ tasks. Correct weight control is essential when breastfeeding. Parents need to be 100% sure...

    Agu - Baby Scales With Stadiometer - Green/White

    Regular price AED 346 43
    Sale price AED 346 43 Regular price AED 461.90
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    This device measures temperature without touching the child. It takes only 1 second to od the reading with an accuracy of 0.2 degrees celcius. It signals...

    Agu - Non-Contact Thermometer-Green/White

    Regular price AED 94 76
    Sale price AED 94 76 Regular price AED 189.52
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    Home & Kitchen Appliances

    AGU Electric Kettle 6 in 1 combines all the necessary functions needed to prepare healthy baby food. One of its key benefits is to warm the...

    Agu - Multifunctional Electric Kettle-Green/White

    Regular price AED 270 71
    Sale price AED 270 71 Regular price AED 360.95
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    Oral Care

    Smart Kids Toothbrush AGUSKT6 with the help of a special AGU application this to brush will teach you? children how to care for their teeth and...

    Agu - Smart Kids Toothbrush-White

    Regular price AED 175 72
    Sale price AED 175 72 Regular price AED 234.29
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    Arevolutionarynebulizer,thatmakesfollowingdoctor’presciption seasyforthechildandfortheparents.It combines: 1.Benefits of mesh technologies with opportunity of data recording.2.A unique AGU designs. This combination guarantees precise implementation of doctor’s prescription. Features : •...

    Agu - Smart Mesh Nebulizer-White

    Regular price AED 278 57
    Sale price AED 278 57 Regular price AED 371.43
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    Home & Kitchen Appliances

    Water in the appliance is cleaned of bacteria, lime scale and other particles thanks to the antibacterial silver ion coconut fiber cartridge and the water demineralization...

    Agu - Deminarliztuin Filter for Humidifier-white

    Regular price AED 27 94
    Sale price AED 27 94 Regular price AED 37.25
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    Home & Kitchen Appliances

    Smart Humidifier AGU is a must-have for modern children's room as it helps keep skin, lips and nasal passages hydrated, improving the body response to bacteria...

    Agu - Smart Humidifier-White

    Regular price AED 317 86
    Sale price AED 317 86 Regular price AED 432.81