My account

How can I build an account?

A. To build an account, quietly follow these steps:

  • Click 'register' at the home page.
  • Fill your name, email and other details
  • Create a password and confirm.
  • Select your gender.
  • Click 'Continue'.
  • Start shopping.

B. To login your account, follow these steps:

  • Click 'login' at the home page.
  • Enter your name and password that you have made.
You’re ready to shop.

Is password modification possible?

To modify your password, quietly follow these easy steps:

  • Log in to your mummazone online.
  • Click on Forgot Password.
  • Enter your mail id and continue.
  • Verify with your Email id.
  • Create a new password.

Can I shift to another email account?

Sorry, you are not allowed you to change your email address for the existing account, instead of changing you can create a new account to continue.

My payment particulars

To modify your Credit or Debit Card particulars, quietly follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Mummazone account.
  • Go to the My Account section.
  • Click on the Payment.
  • Modify Credit or Debit Cards as needed, and select your default payment card.

My Order

How to place an order?

  • Search end finds the product you wants to buy.
  • Add those items to the cart.
  • Click my cart option on top of the homepage.
  • Click view to modify or click checkout to continue.
  • Enter your details and shipping details.
  • Choose your payment option.
  • Click place an order.
You are done!

Can I place an order through a mobile?

  • Yes, you can place your order through mobile by following the order placing steps.
  • Is placing an order without an account accepted?
  • No, without an account you can’t place an online order, but you can directly visit our shop and can get the product. If you need any help you can contact us
Mobile number: +971 4 2984130 & Fax Number: +971 4 2984140

Want to pay a delivery charge?

  • Yes, it depends on the courier and weight of the product.

Can I place an order for the products which is in out of stock?

  • No, you can’t place an order on the products which show out of stock

Can I change my payment details?

  • Yes, you can change your payment details from your payment details.

Will be my payment details secured?

  • Yes, always.

How can I cancel my order?

  • Go to the Order Details in your My Account section.
  • Click on the order you wants to cancel.
  • Select the specific product or whole order to cancel.
  • Click on the cancel order.
You are done. Your order will get cancelled!

My History

  • Click into your account profile.
  • Click the history to follow your previous actions.

Payments and refund

What are the ways for payment?

There are two ways for payments

  • Cash on delivery
  • Online transaction

Will you refund my money back if I cancel my order?

Yes, we will refund your money back if you cancel the order.

Is the payment inclusive VAT?

  • Yes, the payment amount which you see when checkout is inclusive VAT.
  • No need to pay any additional amount than the delivery charge that topo will be inclusive VAT.

What should I do if I get a damaged product?

You can contact us we will give you the favor solution.

Can I place an order without a debit or credit card?

Yes, you can place the order without debit or credit card by changing the payment as cash on delivery.

What will happen if I cancel my order in the middle of transit?

If you return or cancel the order, we will refund your amount as per our refund policy.

Shipping And tracking

When I receive my order?

You can receive your order depending on your location. It can vary from 1 day to 5 working days.

How can I track my order?

You can track your order from your account page, and also you will get notification by mail or SMS about your order state. Or you can directly contact the customer care number +971 4 2984130 to know about your order state.

Can I get the product directly from the shop after placing an order online?

Yes, after placing your order on online you can directly come to our shop to collect.

Is international shipping available?

No, there is no international shipping.

Order Returns

Can I replace the return order with some other product?

Yes, by contacting or visting our shop.

What are the products not returnable?

  • Diapers
  • Baby wipes
  • Undergarments
  • Maternity Belt
  • Milk & nutrition items
  • Potty training items
  • Clothing/footwear items without the original packaging and tags
  • Personalized items
  • Products with extended delivery time
  • Books.
  • CDs/ DVDs
  • Items that have been assembled, used, altered or installed, unless defective
  • Items that were sealed and require their hygienic levels to be intact from the manufacturer
  • Santa delivery orders are not eligible for return and refund unless damaged
  • Items that are not in original condition and packaging (For example, it came in a sealed box or plastic packaging and this was removed, broken or torn)
  • Damaged items due to misuse or showing signs of wear and tear, even if they are still under warranty period
  • Items on sale
  • Electronic items where the original seal is broken
Mentioned above products are not returnable

What do I do if I receive wrong item?

You can return the product by contacting us.

Will the VAT amount get refund if I cancel my order?

Yes, the VAT amount will get refund if you cancel your order.

Mummazone store

Your store location

Mummazone Medical Equipment and Trading L.L.C Office-1, Schon Business Park, DIP-1 P. O. Box 19008 Dubai - United Arab Emirates.

Your store timings and off days?

  • Store timings: 8AM to 6.00PM
  • Off days: Friday and Saturday

Can I get the product immediately from your shop?

  • It depends on the product.
  • You can take the products immediately if it’s sold by Mummazone.
  • If it’s not sold by us you should contact us before visit our store.